I make minimalist abstract quilts. I take inspiration mostly from visual art, but also from nature, architecture, fashion, or anything that sparks an idea, should it be a colour combination or an interesting pattern or shape, a pretty tin, a coloured wall, an old Penguin book cover. I sometimes look to traditional quilting for ideas, and try to use traditonal techniques – like the log cabin or the flying geese – in a different way.

My quilts are different from traditional quilts in that I don’t use patterns to make them. I don’t tend to repeat blocks (except here), nor use wide borders, and I favour simple quilting lines rather than intricate, dense quilting stitches. I design my quilts straight on the wall, in full size, by moving pieces of fabric around until I find the right balance of dimensions, shape and colours. I then piece the fabrics together  and make a backing in the same way. I quilt the assembled layers either by machine or by hand. All the quilts are reversible, and all are one of a kind. They are meant to be used and loved and last a very long time.